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Accent Pieces

Atop a fresh lemon-colored tablecloth, stack three yellow plates and a bowl. Fold a woven napkin with trim into a square, and tie the center with a yellow ribbon. Glue a small square envelope to the ribbon, and stick a yellow name decal on it.  Place the napkin over the bowl.


Decorated Dome cakes makes the perfect centerpiece for any shower. Bake three cakes in different sized stainless steel bowls. Adhere each cake to a cutting board with a dab of icing. Ice each cake two times before covering with a layer of fondant. Cut leaves out of gumpaste, and use a butter knife to create veins. Use royal icing to paste the leaves onto each dome and to create vines. Place on a table in descending order.


Give your guests a pot of the sweet lemon lace cookies to remember this picture perfect shower. Simply place four different size cookies into a white pot and cover each with clear wrapping for guests to bring home.

Food and Drinks

Enjoy the experience of the fresh taste of ripe lemons in four different ways. Start with a Crab Sandy appetizer with squeezed lemon juice. Serve with a side of Fresh and Crispy Slaw mixed with hints of lemon zest. For dessert, nibble on the ever so sweet Lemon Lace Cookies. Lastly, sip on a perfectly tart Lemon Meringue Martini.

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